Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant - 2014

This Year's Awardees!

Mazuri is proud to support research in the field of exotic animal nutrition and this year 3 proposals were selected as awardees for the 2014 Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant and will receive funds to help them further their research.

  1. The Effect of Mazuri Aquatic Gel Diet for Crustaceans on the Health and Growth of Juvenile American Lobsters.  Kim, A.  New England Aquarium.
  2. Nutrient Composition of Bamboo for Giant Pandas and Other Herbivores: Seasonal Variation in Non-Structural Carbohydrates.  Rude, B.J. and J.L. Parsons, Mississippi State / San Diego Gobal.
  3. Use of Grape Seed Polyphenolics to Control Iron Availability in Captive Browsing Rhinoceros Diets.  Johnson, N. and M. Kerley, University of Missouri.

While these 3 were awarded funds for this upcoming year, there were many good proposals presented to our reviewing committee and it was a very difficult decision as always to select just a subset of great research out there.  We would like to thank all those that took their time to submit their research and invite them and others to submit nutrition focused proposals next fall!