Bovine lgG Land O Lakes® Colostrum Replacement - 16.6oz.

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To replace maternal colostrum in the first day of life

Early influence lasts a lifetime.  Establishing transfer of adequate immunity in the first hours of life by feeding colostrum could affect a calf's immunological and cellular development, potentially impacting her growth, lifelong health and performance. **

  • Dried bovine colostrum based product - Contains all the protein and fat of natural bovine sourced colostrum.
  • Licensed and tested by USDA - Newborn calves at the USDA labs are fed a sample from each batch.  Calves are tested to ensure product meets passive transfer requirements.
  • Each dose provides > 100 grams of lgG - Greater rates of passive transfer compared to serum-based products.
  • Contains 95% lgG1 - lgG1 is the only form of lgG known to get re-secreted from calves blood back onto mucosal surfaces (gut & lungs), where it helps address enteric and respiratory diseases.
  • Heat treated for safety, complete product traceabiltiy - Guaranteed free of bacteria and disease causing pathogens.
  • Greater rate of passive transfer - Independent research suggests better rates of passive transfer because of greater apparent efficiency of absorption (AEA) of lgG is delivered with our colostrum-derived LAND O LAKES® COLOSTRUM REPLACEMENT. *
* Place, N., S. Godden, et al. Relationship between serum total protein and serum lgG in Holstein calves fed either a lacteal- or plasma-derived colostrum (AgriLabs® Colostrx® 130) replacer. Proc. 2010 American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Conference - vol. 43.
** Van Amburgh, M.E., F. Soberon, J. Karzses, and R.W. Everett. 2011.  Taking the long view: treat them nice as babies and they will be better adults. Proc. 2011 Western Dairy Management Conference.

Product Sheet: Bovine lgG Colostrum Replaement

See mixing and feeding directions on package.

Product Sheet: Bovine lgG Colostrum Replaement

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