Kid & Lamb Colostrum - 8.3oz.

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Formula Code: 2402413-145
Catalog #: 2402413-145
Price: $19.92

To replace maternal colostrum in the first day of life

The best protection from the start.

A strong herd or flock begins with top notch newborn care.  Land O Lakes® Colostrum Replacement for Kid Goats and Lambs is formulated to protect newborns, setting them up to meet their full potential.

  • Provides consistent protection.
  • Reduces risk of disease transmission.
  • Minimizes variability in quality or quantity.
  • Contains greater than 20 percent immunoglobulins, providing essential antibodies.
  • Comparable to pasteurized doe's and ewe's colostrum. 1,2
Licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Each batch of Land O Lakes® Colostrum Replacement for Kid Goats and Lambs is tested by the USDA for acceptable passive transfer before it enters the marketplace.

1. S. Hart, S. Genova, D.M. Haines and B. Bah. “Efficacy of a bovine colostrum replacement product for goat kids.” American Institute for Goat Research, Langston University. Langston, OK. Boren Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Oklahoma State University. Stillwater, OK. Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.
2. G. Shepherd. “Use of 100% dried colostrum powder in a UK sheep flock.” G. Shepherd Animal Health, Ltd.

See mixing and feeding directions on package. 


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