Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic

Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic in powder form white in color
Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic in powder form white in color

Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic

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Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic is an easy-to-prepare primate food for the enrichment of lemurs, bush babies, New World primates and other primates that consume gums as a part of their diet. This Mazuri® primate food is shipped as a powder that is designed to be mixed with water prior to feeding.

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  • Complex mix of polysaccharides and glycoproteins– Replicate wild-type diet components*.
  • Provides opportunity for enrichment.

Product Form:  Dry powder

Product Size:  Available by the Kg.

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Crude protein not less than
Crude fat not less than
Crude fiber not more than
Moisture not more than
Ash not more than



  • Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic is designed to be a supplement to a nutritionally complete diet.
  • Mix powder with water to achieve the desired consistency.
    1. Slowly add room temperature water to the dry powder; A ratio of 1 part dry powder: 1 part water (by weight) is a good starting point. 
    2. Mix until powder is completely incorporated.
  • Mixed gum can be provided as an enrichment item by pouring into objects from which the animal can lick the gum out.
Storage Conditions
Mazuri® Enrichment Gum Arabic has a 1 year shelf life in the dry powder form when stored in a dry environment.  For best results, store contents of open bag in container with sealing lids. Store in a cool (75°F or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location. The mixed product should be stored under refrigeration for no longer than 7 days.


Gum arabic, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (vitamin C).