Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution

Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution gallon jug
Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution label
Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution gallon jug

Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution

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Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution is an aqueous solution of vitamin E for supplementing the diets of elephants and rhinos.


The Vitamin E potency of Vitamin E TPGS is 387 IU/g, so the potency of Vitamin E TPGS, 20% solution is 77.4 IU/g. This TPGS solution has been used as a means of providing an easily absorbed form of Vitamin E. 

Because Vitamin E TPGS is water-soluble while other forms of Vitamin E are fat-soluble, TPGS is absorbed by an entirely different mechanism. Fat-soluble Vitamin E requires the use of bile salts in the gut for absorption from the intestinal lumen through to the intestinal cells. Vitamin E TPGS is absorbed without the need for bile salts activity. TPGS has the ability of transferring Vitamin E into the intestinal cells with no need of assistance. 

Along with assisting in Vitamin E absorption, the water-solubility of Vitamin E TPGS results in a product which is quite stable and does not hydrolyze under normal conditions. In addition, Vitamin E TPGS has practically no taste. 
Typical Properties of Vitamin E TPGS, 20% Solution


Molecular Weight, Vitamin E TPGS - Approximately 1513 

Concentration, weight/weight - 20% 

Taste - Practically tasteless 

Vitamin E Content of Solution, mg/g - 52 as d-alpha tocopherol 

Stability - Stable to air: Reacts with alkali 

Size - 1 gallon jar, approximately 8.8 lb


Vitamin E content of solution, as d-alpha tocopherol52 mg/g


When starting elephants on Vitamin E TPGS, the following procedure is recommended: 

This product contains 400 IU/lb and therefore would provide 4,000 IU per elephant, per day. However, during the first three weeks, we recommend providing a total of 16,000 IU per elephant, per day, or approximately 4 to 5 IU/kg of body weight. To achieve this additional 12,000 IU of vitamin E per elephant, per day, we suggest you "pulse" the animal with additional Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS liquid form. This product contains 77 IU of vitamin E TPGS/g, which would require dosing between 150 ml and 160 ml of Mazuri® Vitamin E TPGS 5M84 per elephant, per day. This can be administered directly into the mouth or on a treat such as bread, ice cream cone, etc. 

Blood values for alpha tocopherol should be obtained on the elephants before administration of vitamin E TPGS, and then annually to ensure that satisfactory blood levels are attained and maintained. 

Other information about Vitamin E TPGS: 

Veris Vitamin E Newsletter. Sept 1994. Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of the RRR and All racemic Stereoisomers of Alpha-tocopherol in Humans after Single Oral Administration. 


Vitamin-E TPGS, 20% solution is an aqueous solution of a form of Vitamin E derived from natural sources. TPGS is prepared by the esterification of polyethylene glycol 1000 to the acid group of crystalline d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate.