Mazuri® Winter Newsletter
Mazuri Offers Grant to Support Exotic Animal Nutrition Research

Better BugWhat makes that skin vibrant and those feather colors pop? A balanced and complete diet, of course! For insect-eating animals, optimum nutrition starts with nutritious bugs, and Mazuri® Better Bug® Gut Loading Diet can help.

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Wild Animal Fund + Mazuri: Moving Exotic Animal Research Forward Together

Endangered Wolf CenterFor several decades, the Endangered Wolf Center has an unparalleled success rate in breeding and releasing endangered wolves, and other wild canids. A key to that success is a partnership with Mazuri® that has provided nutrition insights and resulted in product innovations.

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Mazuri Insectivore Diet: A diet actually made for insectivores

Exotic Animal OwnershipExotic animal ownership around the world is on the rise. Mazuri® is expanding globally to offer animal owners and zoo professionals the same products and nutritional advice that has helped animals thrive in the U.S. for over two decades.

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