ThiaminE Paste Cartridge # 0010112 - 0.2 lb

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Formula Code: 0010112
Catalog #: 0010112
Price: $22.99

Thiamin•E is a blend of vitamins specially formulated for animals whose diet consists mainly of raw fish. There is no vitamin A in the product.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains natural vitamin E.
  • No added vitamin A in product.
  • Paste product - Allows for flexibility in mixing with chopped fish or into whole fish prior to feeding.
  • Accurate delivery system - More precise administration as compared to tablet supplementation with GENESIS automatic dispenser.

Product Form

  • Paste - 80 gram cartridge

Guaranteed Analysis - Per 1 ml click.

Vitamin E not less than
Thiamin not less than
100 IU
50 mg

Product Sheet:10112-ThiaminE

  • Administer Thiamin•E at the rate of 1 ml per kg raw fish.
    • Administer either into mouth or gills of whole fish or mix into sliced or chopped fish prior to feeding.
    • Provides 100 IU vitamin E and 50 mg thiamin per kilogram.
  • Higher doses may be administered as required.
  • Each cartridge can fortify up to 80 kilograms of fish.

Storage Conditions
Store at room temperature or under refrigeration. Avoid excessive heat. Use within 1 year of manufacturing date.

Product Sheet:10112-ThiaminE

D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (natural-source vitamin E), thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, folic acid, and biotin.

Product Sheet:10112-ThiaminE

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